View from Emerald Heights

Escondido as seen from Emerald Heights. Looking SE


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Timelapse of Escondido for May 2021

Timelapse of Escondido Apr 4 through Apr 30, 2021

These videos were made by taking an image from the webcam every minute. FFMPEG was then used to convert it into the video.

Solar Power Generation

The system consists of 16 Bosch panels, each with a 215 watt Enphase grid power inverter. The panels face SSW.

Local weather station on Weather Underground

Other Webcams

Palomar Mountain  Dozens of Amateur repeaters covering 2,000 sq miles central San Diego County 5,600'
Santa Ynez Peak (Santa Barbara)  Repeaters covering most of Santa Barbara County, 4,200'
San Clemente
Santiago Peak   Major peak that serves a large part of LA, Orange, and San Bernadino counties.
Has coverage into northern San Diego county. This is where the infamous 147.435 repeater is located.Z
Mount Wilson   The major TV and FM broadcast stations are located here as well as a Fusion repeater. 5,200'
Otay Mountain   Serves Southern San Diego county and city from about 2,000' Good shot up the coast.
Santa Barbara Mesa Peak   I used to live on "The Mesa". This peak is at about 460' SBARC has their repeater here along with most public services.
Palomar Observatory   See what the telescope is up to.
Many of the above images provided by HPWREN
  Be sure to check out some of the Fire Videos that HPWREN has captured.

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